Lorelie was born in Botolan, Philippines but moved to San Diego, CA at the age of 2 and that's where she grew up until she moved to Murrieta, CA in 2007. She is now living back in San Diego and teaching in Chula Vista, CA.
She has loved music and dance for as long as she can remember and it was as a freshman in high school that she had to choose between a regular P.E. class or a dance class. She chose that dance class and she was so glad she did. That high school beginning dance class led to becoming a cheerleader which led to performing at Disneyland with her high school dance choreography class.
Fast forward to today and she loves teaching group dance fitness classes and seeing people discover the joys of just letting go and allowing the music and rhythm take over their bodies!
Lorelie is ECSTATIC to Dance, Sweat and Live with the GROOV3 community!!