GROOV3 Classes

Why is GROOV3 Different?

We get asked that a lot. GROOV3 is a choreographed, non-stop dance party with a Live DJ. With our mission to inspire change and build communities through the power of dance, we offer more than just a 1-hour class. Just read our testimonials or view our events page to see how YOU can join the GROOV3MENT!

Who is GROOV3 for?

We like to say that GROOV3 is for everyone. First time to professional, we’ve seen all levels get something out of it. *If you are a first timer, give yourself a few times to get comfortable with the format. Remember, it takes a little time to remember choreography.

What style of dance is it?

We say it’s a combination of hip-hop, funk, pop and groove. It’s movement that should feel good in your body, and that you could take anywhere (i.e. the club or the next wedding you attend).

Will I get a good workout? I’m trying to lose weight.

As with any exercise program, diet is the biggest part. BUT, we usually burn between 600-800 calories in one class and we’ve seen quite a few people drop some lbs. shaking their money-maker.

What should I bring?

Definitely bring water and a towel. Like the Splash Zone, you will get wet!

What should I wear?

Start with workout clothes you would wear to the gym, then throw a little personality on it. We suggest something tied around your waist and maybe a hat. It's all about swag. Check our store for some ideas.

I have a bad back and bad knees

You should always consult your physician first, however GROOV3 is fairly low-impact and all the moves can be modified to fit your fitness needs.

Are all the classes and teachers the same?

No matter what location you go to, you will always get the same great music and movement. All of our rock star instructors bring a little something different to the dance floor, but we support that! It’s most important that you feel connected to your instructor.

Do you have any videos I can practice with before I come to class?

Take a look at our Youtube channel where you’ll find our Living Room Sessions released bi-monthly. You can also purchase our DVD here.  We are also now Live Streaming and have an On-demand library on WollenDance. Use code: GROOV3NEW for 20% off.

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