Be the Best You, You Can Be

Dance. Is. Your."Thing!"

It's your escape when life throws you curveballs.
It's your instantaneous, feel-good, and intoxicating endorphin release that you can't wait to do again and again. lt builds your confidence and makes you stronger from the inside out.

When you dance, you feel like you can do anything.

It's how you met your best friend.
It's how you found your people.
Your support system was built on the dance floor.

The love, compassion, acceptance, encouragement, and addicting energy continue to better your life in more ways than you can count! Not to mention the added fringe benefit of a healthier you.

Now you're ready to advocate the power of dance!

You're ready to get more involved.
You're ready to make dance a more prevalent part of your life.
You're ready to spread love, acceptance, and inclusivity in your community.
You're ready to pay it forward and we're ready for you!


Lead on the dance floor by turning your rhythm into the best kind of side-hustle there is!

As a certified GROOV3 instructor, not only will you be helping others feel good and look good, but you'll help motivate, inspire, and encourage life-changing personal growth for your students and for yourself!

We'll teach you how to throw the best dance party in town through our elite and immersive training program. With a raving fan base and 10x the fun, you'll be the life of the party.

Teach with pro-level confidence

  • Get certified fast and from anywhere with 2 action-packed ways to train!
  • Get new choreography every single week!
  • Get exclusively curated DJ sets strategically mixed for a high-energy, heart-pumping, and exhilarating experience every month!
  • Experience never-ending support and resources.

Let's get your GROOV3 on!

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Bring an Elevated Dance Experience to Your Town

Get Prepped for Success

Our evolutionary training program includes:

  • Either a 1-DAY virtual training or a 1-DAY live and in-person training, you get to choose!
  • Pre-training call
  • LIVE Master Trainer! Ask questions in real time.
  • Comprehensive instructor manual
  • Library of instructional videos & quizzes
  • Access to messages and chat with your Master Trainer
  • Choreography videos & DJ mixes to pass your post-training video submission and officially become a certified instructor!

Once you're part of the CR3W

As a certified instructor, you'll get:

  • A welcome kit that includes an exclusive, instructors-only t-shirt, G3 earbuds, a certificate of D.O.P.E.ness, and more branded swag!
  • Live 1-1 coaching to help you build out your first 90-days
  • 3 sets of starter choreography
  • 4 upbeat & exclusive, hour-long DJ sets
  • Choreography is taken care of for you, with new routines available every week!
  • Never worry about creating a playlist with new hour-long DJ sets available every month!
  • 15 comprehensive videos include starter choreography, breakdowns of main class elements, and grooves.
  • Continuous & constant support
  • Regular instructor refreshers


Because who doesn't love perks?

  • Deep discounts on all GROOV3 products and merchandise
  • Resources to help you find a DJ
  • Tips and tricks for finding a studio
  • Even more tools to help you sky-rocket your side-hustle (master trainer resources, saved webinars, staying connected)
  • GROOV3 - owned music!
  • Kid-friendly mixes!
  • Huge instructor discounts for streaming and on-demand classes!
  • Access to branded marketing and social media material
  • Unlimited opportunities!

Ready? Here We Go!


Choose Your Training

Attend a virtual or in-person training that works best for your schedule!


Learn to GROOV3

Master how to ultimately connect and engage with your students!


Leave it all on the floor!

Submit your post-training evaluation!

Let's Break it Down

GROOV3 in-person dance fitness training

Train in-person or from the comfort of your home

Either way, it only takes 1 DAY!

Spend a full day with us and learn with the best! Whether you choose to attend a virtual training or register for an in-person training event, you will learn the basic principles of the format, how to teach it, and best practices for launching a successful class.

You will experience a hyper-focused itinerary that's designed to teach you the skills, techniques, and business mindset to get started with your GROOV3 adventure!

You will learn

  • How to use your voice and your body to immediately connect and engage with your students as you welcome the class.
  • How to build up the energy and hype up the room as you move through the warm-up
  • How to guide your students with enthusiasm and ease as you teach 3 eight counts of choreography
  • How to lead your class through a satisfying cool-down
  • How to dismiss your class in an impactful way, leaving them excited to return, and making you their most favorite instructor!
What you get with GROOV3 in-person dance fitness training

You'll have access to

  • Small class sizes! Spots are limited to help you succeed with our undivided attention
  • Limited training access to The D3CK, our instructor portal, where you will complete a set of 8 quizzes
  • Practice choreography and music mix

After you train

  • You will have 30 days to submit and pass your post-training assessment video
  • Then you will subscribe to The D3CK as an official CR3W Member! Your online portal for complete access to all the tools and resources you need to start your very own GROOV3MENT! Inside is where you will receive weekly choreographed routines, 1-hour DJ sets every month, a network and community of GROOV3ERS from around the country, access to master trainers, continuing education, and never-ending guidance and support!



Start teaching right away and let your classes pay for your membership!

Register Today!

GROOV3 instructor training was informative and fun! From start to finish, to follow-up and continued support after training, Ben and the GROOV3 team instantly make you feel a part...

Lindsey Vaughn - Chicago, IL

I absolutely LOVED my instructor training! I felt challenged, but also so supported the whole time. The facilitators were well-trained on how to help us out, and the other trainees...

Leslie Kleiman - Denver, CO

"Coming from a dance background and being a fitness instructor for several years, I was highly impressed and satisfied with the GROOV3 professional certification. The training day...

- Molly Gaynor Chicago, IL

G3 is on a mission to help people around the world DANCE, SWEAT, & LIVE far beyond their workout!

This format was specifically designed to accommodate all levels of dance. So you'll never have to worry about your students getting frustrated or bored. It’s the perfect system for personal growth and achievement that anyone can feel good about. EVERYONE is welcome on the dance floor, and we are looking for passionate people who genuinely want to change lives and make a difference. Watch this video message from dancer, celebrity choreographer, and founder of GROOV3, Benjamin Allen.

Meet Some of Your Master Trainers

Chante Guico's picture

Chante Guico

Born and raised in Hawai’i, Chanté now resides in Portland with her husband (also known as DJ LYFELINE) and two pups. Dance and music has always been her passion – starting with ukulele and voice lessons to hula and hip hop – and she is excited to share that love with others via GROOV3 as an inst...

Faith Idemundia's picture

Faith Idemundia

Faith is an LA native.  She's done public health research for years, enjoying service work and community engagement.  Dance and movement have always been a passion for her, from jazz, to salsa...

Embrace the power of dance!

If you enjoy dancing and have a passion for spreading feel-good vibes, then this CR3W is for you! Our instructors find growth within themselves to achieve new goals that they didn’t even know were possible and newfound confidence when they’ve inspired their students. You'll have everything you need to succeed; all you have to do is want it!

Get Certified from Anywhere!

With 2 Training Options to Choose From! On a budget? You can pay half up front and the remaining half 4 days before the event. Just click on the button down below and click "Make a Payment"

June 2024
In Person and Virtual Training (Seattle, WA)
Chante' Guico
12PM-8PM PST In person at Seattle Dance Fitness, 1501 N. 200th St., Shoreline, WA. Virtual option via zoom and link will be provided prior to training.
June 2024
Virtual Training 6/23/24
Chante' Guico
9AM-6PM PST via zoom.


Any updates need to go through StirStudios.

Can I do a partial payment?

Yes! You can make a partial payment for either training option, the 1-Day Virtual Training, or the Live In-Person training. You can pay half up front and the remaining half 4 days before your scheduled training event. Simply choose the "Make A Payment" button for your desired training.

What and how much do I have to pay after I have completed the training?

Once you've completed your training and passed your assessment, you will need to activate your subscription to The D3CK for $35/month. Our online membership portal is where all of our G3 instructors get the resources and materials they need to set them up for success.

Choose a quarterly or annual subscription and save.

For global regions Australia and New Zealand, we offer an alternative model. If you have any queries, send an email to: [email protected]

Every month subscribed to The D3CK; you will receive weekly choreography and 1 new exclusively curated DJ Set.

What's the difference between the Virtual Training and the In-Person Training?

The only difference between the two is whether or not you'd like to train in-person or virtually from the comfort of your home. Either 1-Day training goes through the entire training course in one 9-hour workday. There will be 30 minutes set aside for lunch and 2 - 15 minute breaks. After you complete the day, you will have 30 days to complete the online quizzes and submit your video assessment of proficiency.

What happens after I've completed my training?

After the training, you will have 30 Days to demonstrate proficiency in our format by filming yourself doing the Intro-Speech + Warm-up, 3 eight counts of choreography, and Cooldown + Exit-Speech.

All of this will need to be filmed and submitted to us in 3 easy steps. Each person will receive dedicated feedback and be given a pass or practice. Once passed, you officially become a G3 and will be certified to start GROOV3ING! AND. . . you'll get immediate support to help you see success within the first 90 days!

**Once officially certified, you have 1 year to activate your subscription before having to retake the training.

What happens if I don't pass the certification?

You can take some time, practice, and try again! After the 3rd attempt without passing, you will have to retake the training.

Do I need to have dance experience?

Even though our dance floor is meant for everyone, it does help to have either dance or teaching experience. You can always take a virtual GROOV3 class to get started.

You can find a class near you by clicking here or you can check out our on-demand streaming option to experience a class from home by clicking here!

What am I responsible for as an instructor?

  • Be prepared for your 1-day live training
  • Complete the online quizzes post-training
  • Submit yourself on video showing proficiency in the format within 30 days of training
  • Once passed, secure a venue to launch your new class (don't worry, we are here to help you with that!)
  • Use our provided marketing materials to promo your new classes! 3-5 social media posts a week is recommended.
  • Engaging with your students and spreading the joy of dance!
  • 1 social event every 6 months is recommended
  • A monthly subscription of $30 is required for continued access to The D3CK.

How do I prepare for my Virtual Training?


  • Clear your schedule
  • Review the Training Manual and informational videos on The D3CK
  • Clear a space in your home or studio where we can see your full body and be uninterrupted
  • Make sure you have a camera attached to your computer
  • Make sure you have clear audio
  • Have a reliable internet connection

How do I prepare for my In-Person Training?

  • Clear your schedule
  • Review the Training Manual and informational videos on The D3CK
  • Bring something to take notes on
  • Bring water and a snack
  • Get ready for an incredible and life-changing day!

How soon after I submit my video assessment will I know if I passed?

If you record and submit your video assessment within 30 days of completing the 1-day training, you will be notified within 7 business days if you passed or need more practice.

What's all included in the video library of The D3CK?

There are 15 comprehensive videos for starter choreography, breakdowns of main class elements, and grooves. You will also have access to 3 sets of choreographed routines and 4 DJ sets right away to help get you started.

After that, every month you are subscribed to The D3CK, you will get new weekly choreography and monthly DJ sets which you can use as often as you like.

How often do I get new choreography and DJ mixes?

Every month subscribed to The D3CK they will receive new choreography every week and 1 new curated DJ set every month.

What if I decide to no longer be a G3 instructor?

We'd be so sad to see you go! But we understand that things happen. We offer an option to freeze your account for limited periods of time. You are also able to cancel your monthly subscription to The D3CK at any time.

How can I inquire about hosting a training in my area?

Interested in having a training in your city? Email: [email protected]

What if I have more questions?

We're here to help! Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Get certified to become a GROOV3 instructor today!

Make a change. Make a difference. Have a ton of fun!