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Join instructors with the same goals and aspirations as you. We all love to dance and want to create a community that creates life-changing experiences for our students - every day, every class.

GROOV3 is a fitness out-of-the-box, unified, global fitness team on a relentless mission to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance. By signing up to be a #G2B, you will begin the exciting process of becoming a certified instructor and a Distributor Of Positive Energy.

Our 1-day fully immersive training will instill our core philosophies, distinctive teaching techniques, and provide hands-on practice of our signature format. Post-training you will have 30 days to submit a video of yourself showing proficiency in the format.

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On a budget? You can pay half up front and half 4 days prior to the event. Just click on the button down below and click "Make A Payment"

    GROOV3 - fell in love with it on my first 8-count! This class will literally make you feel like Beyoncés fiercest backup dancer. Heck, sometimes even like Beyoncé herself! Whether you’re a professi...

    Excited, prepared, supported, and inspired are 4 words that describe how I felt coming out of the workshop. Excited to share this phenomenal dance program with my students because I know everyone...

    I attended the GROOV3 Instructor Workshop in 2015. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone interested in becoming a certified GROOV3 instructor! In addition to the workshops on learning the warmup...

    Adam Jones's picture

    Adam Jones

    Adam Jones has been dancing ever since he was a cute toddler at shaking it up at family weddings. Throughout his youth, Jones continued to dance it out in Musicals and Dance Shows in high school, eventually earning the coveted best dancer of his graduating class. Raised in Washington, Jonesy arri...

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    Benjamin Allen's picture

    Benjamin Allen


    Dancer, celebrity choreographer and founder of GROOV3™, “the feel-good, dance-party workout” that Elle Magazine has called, “LA's coolest all-levels dance class,” Benjamin Allen has dance in his bones.  While growing up in Tucson, AZ, he was the type of kid who learned all the social dances at a...

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    Benjamin Ayers Jr.'s picture

    Benjamin Ayers Jr.

    Benjamin hails from Seattle, WA but began training in Fresno, CA in jazz, modern, and (his favorite) hip-hop at the age of 16. He is renowned for his style in hip-hop and jazz funk. Benjamin has progressively studied, taught, and choreographed dance in the competition circuit primarily focusing o...

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    Chante' Guico's picture

    Chante' Guico

    Born and raised in Hawai’i, Chanté now resides in Portland with her husband (also known as DJ LYFELINE) and two pups. Dance and music has always been her passion – starting with ukulele and voice lessons to hula and hip hop – and she is excited to share that love with others via GROOV3 as an inst...

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    Charlotte Tompkins's picture

    Charlotte Tompkins

    Born and raised in small town Nebraska, Charlotte now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband and family.  She teaches youth Hip-Hop and GROOV3 at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective.  Her dance career started at the age of three and has offered opportunities to perform ac...

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    Christine Engelfried's picture

    Christine Engelfried

    Christine Engelfried began dance training at Pacific Studio for Dance and went on to place in advanced conservatory levels in both the high school and collegiate setting. Christine graduated from Loyola Marymount University with degrees in dance and communication studies and cont...

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    Faith Idemundia's picture

    Faith Idemundia

    Community Outreach / Events

    Faith is an LA native.  She's done public health research for years, enjoying service work and community engagement.  Dance and movement have always been a passion for her, from jazz, to salsa...

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    Leslie Kleiman's picture

    Leslie Kleiman

    Leslie Kleiman has always had a passion for movement, and is grateful for the opportunity to spread that love with GROOV3! Throughout her childhood she was always moving whether it was dancing, gymnastics or cheerleading. She has been on several professional and non-professional dance comp...

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    Lindsey Vaughn's picture

    Lindsey Vaughn

    Lindsey is excited to bring GROOV3 to Chicago! She has been dancing since childhood and has also danced for her former college team, as well as the NFL!
    She believes dance is for everyone and Groov3 is the perfect way to blend dance, fitness and fun!

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    Mychele Sims's picture

    Mychele Sims

    2018 Fit Expo Los Angeles WOW THE CROWD WINNER!!!

    Mychele (aka "The Fro") completed her BA in World Arts and Cultures with an emphasis in Dance from UCLA and holds a Master’s Degree from UC Irvine.  She has trained in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, contact improvisation and many styles of...

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    Quincey Williams's picture

    Quincey Williams

    Quincey Williams is a energetic dance fitness instructor from Baltimore Maryland. At age 15, he started taking Zumba classes at his local studio, quickly became a crowd favorite. Soon, Quincey was offered to become a professional Ballroom Dancer, and competed in multiple DanceSport Competitions f...

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    1. Attend the 1-Day Live Training
    2. Complete The Online Quizzes
    3. Demonstrate Proficiency

    On a budget? You can pay half up front and half 4 days prior to the event. Just click on the button down below and click "Make A Payment"

      1 Fully Immersive Training Day

      3 Sets of Choreography and 4-Hour Long Mixes To Get You Hyped To Start Your New Journey

      3 Sets of Choreography and 4-Hour Long Mixes To Get You Hyped To Start Your New Journey

      Personal Digital Copy of the GROOV3 Training Manual

      Personal and Individualized Coaching To Help You Pass The Training

      Personal and Individualized Coaching To Help You Pass The Training

      2 FREE Months on the D3CK, your online portal to success

      Official Instructor T-Shirt and Certificate of D.O.P.E.ness.

      Official Instructor T-Shirt and Certificate of D.O.P.E.ness.

      All you need to do is find a training near you to get started.

        What a life-changing weekend! This training transformed the way I teach and has enabled me to make dance accessible for all ages and levels. It's allowed me to reconnect to my teaching in a new way...

        • - Christine Engelfried - Pasadena, CA
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        • Excited students waiting for you to teach them.
        • Knowing exactly how to teach in a way that is fun, engaging, and high energy
        • Having a network of master trainers and instructors who’ve got your backs
        • Being a positive leader in your community through the power of dance.

        By now you should know what we’re about and your opportunity as an instructor.

        If you’re still reading, wishing, and wanting the same results as these instructors then we invite you to join the GROOV3MENT.

        You know what’s best for you.

        We’ve told you everything you need to know to join us how to become a GROOV3 instructor from the training, what you’ll get, and even some dope bonuses for you after you complete your certification!

        It’s plain and simple, if you take the training, you will take your dance instructing to levels that you only dreamed of.

        If not, things stay the same.

        Are you willing to push past your comfort zone to become a Distributor of Positive Energy?

        Put in the work, and in 30 days you'll be glad you took the chance.

        How can I inquire about hosting a training in my area?
        Interested in having a training in your city? Email:
        Can I do a partial payment?
        Yes! You can do a partial payment of $199.50 and then pay the rest 4 days before the day of training. Just click on the location and click “Make A Payment”
        What happens after the 1-Day Training?
        After the training you have 30 Days to demonstrate proficiency in our format by filming yourself doing the Intro-Speech + Warm-up, 3 eight counts of choreography, and Cooldown + Exit-Speech
        Do I need to have dance experience?
        Yes. This training is intended for those who already have experience in either dancing in teaching dance.
        What am I responsible for as an instructor?
        • Be prepared for your 1-day live training
        • Complete the online quizzes post-training
        • Submit yourself on video showing proficiency in the format within 30 days of training
        • Once passed, secure a venue to launch your new class (don't worry, we are here to help)
        • 3-5 Social media posts a week (minimum)
        • Engagement with your students
        • 1 social event every 6 months (minimum)
        • A monthly subscription of $30 is required for continued access to The D3CK
        • An annual licensing fee of $150 is due for use of trademarked & licensed materials. First payment is due 12 months after your active subscription to The D3CK begins
        What are we (GROOV3) responsible for?
        • Choreography delivered weekly to keep things hot and fresh
        • Monthly 1-hour music mixes
        • Access to GROOV3™ marketing collateral (general flyer, fonts, logos, color palette)
        • Discount on merchandise
        • Overall PR / Marketing / Advertising for classes and the brand
        • Ensure brand integrity and quality
        • A continued resource for helping you succeed
        • Access to our design and social media team. Additional charges may incur