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We’re fitness out-of-the-box, a unified, global team on a relentless mission to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance. By signing on to be a #G2B, you will begin the exciting process of becoming a certified instructor and a Distributor Of Positive Energy.

Our 1-day fully immersive training will instill our core philosophies, distinctive teaching techniques, and give you hands-on practice of our signature format. Post-training you will have 30 days to submit video of yourself showing proficiency in the format.

You're about to blow your own mind as you become the best instructor through our program. As we like to say, "You Fitness Right In!" Get certified today!

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  • 1 Fully immersive training day
  • 2 Free months to The D3CK, your online educational portal to success*
  • 3 Sets of choreography and 4 hour-long mixes to get you hyped to start your new journey*
  • Personal digital copy of the Training Manual
  • Individualized coaching to help you pass the training
  • Official instructor t-shirt and certificate of D.O.P.E.ness*
  • Be prepared for your 1-day live training
  • Complete the online quizzes post-training
  • Submit yourself on video showing proficiency in the format within 30 days of training
  • Once passed, secure a venue to launch your new class (don't worry, we are here to help)
  • 3-5 Social media posts a week (minimum)
  • Engagement with your students
  • 1 social event every 6 months (minimum)
  • A monthly subscription of $30 is required for continued access to The D3CK
  • An annual licensing fee of $150 is due for use of trademarked & licensed materials. First payment is due 12 months after your active subscription to The D3CK begins
  • Choreography delivered weekly to keep things hot and fresh
  • Monthly 1-hour music mixes
  • Access to GROOV3™ marketing collateral (general flyer, fonts, logos, color palette)
  • Discount on merchandise
  • Overall PR / Marketing / Advertising for classes and the brand
  • Ensure brand integrity and quality
  • A continued resource for helping you succeed
  • Access to our design and social media team*

Instructor Testimonials

I absolutely LOVED my instructor training! I felt challenged, but also so supported the whole time. The facilitators were well-trained on how to help us out, and the other trainees became close friends. You get so much more than just a certificate by doing the training!

Leslie Kleiman

What a life-changing weekend! This training transformed the way I teach and has enabled me to make dance accessible for all ages and levels. It's allowed me to reconnect to my teaching in a new way and I am so thankful - thank you GROOV3!

Christine Engelfried

Being a student was always an uplifting experience but becoming a certified instructor only helps me further the mission of the GROOV3ment. Despite all the awesome class pictures and videos, there is the community service side, DANCE SWEAT GIVE, that deepens my connection with the brand. GROOV3 is so genuine and organic! It's that spirit that transcends "just dancing" that gives me life. It's THAT spirit that keeps me going "ONE MORE TIME!" So glad that I joined the GROOV3ment!

Mychele Sims