Katrina Rosita is a popstar, pizza loving Chicago native. After receiving her BA in dance and marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she moved to LA to fulfill her career as a professional actress & dancer. This path eventually led her to the fitness industry as a cast member in multiple Beachbody programs. With her passion for movement and health, she made her way into LA boutique studios (PlateFit and Hot Pilates) as a group fitness instructor. She has experience teaching a range of classes that include: PowerPlate vibration HIIT workouts, pilates sculpt and dance cardio.

She loves providing an environment that gets everyone excited about moving their bodies and doing so with intention. You'll commonly hear Katrina say "It's not that serious - have a little fun with it!" :) GROOV3 is her new favorite class to teach and is excited to bring the fire to every class!


Some of Katrina's credits include: music videos for Redfoo from LMFAO and DJ duo Krewella to dancing with NeYo, Pitbull, Becky G + other various artists at the Latin AMAs. You can also find Katrina as a recurring role on Netflix's Lincoln Lawyer as Tanya Cruz. She has trained a variety of celebrity clients such as Marianna Hewitt, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber