I grew up in NY & then the projects of Seattle & we danced constantly to Motown, etc. Ran hard my entire childhood & teen years until college when I started to get my life turned around while majoring in Dance. That completely changed my life, providing me with focus, major motivation & a desire to be healthy! I fully focused on dance & got into a top Modern Dance company in Seattle for years, before becoming captivated by Climbing! I went full in & became a professional climber. After marriage & with little kids I got back into dance, teaching kids & teens, then adults. I am a fitness junkie and LOVE & LIVE to dance & move & inspire & be inspired. I also LOVE to create choreography & share it out. I am all about Gratitude & Positive Vibes!!


Dance Teacher current and past, for Soul Sweat, Planet Motion, Zumba, Kids, Teens, Modern, Jazz, Barre, Funk!
Stuntwoman in Cliffhanger!
Pro Climber (past life)
Pro Dancer (past life)
Original aerobics instructor from the 80's when I was in college for dance (ugh! the shin splints!!) but fun to teach to huge crowds as a teenager!