Once upon a time, Kevin Cordova put on a pair of $10 velcro shoes from Walmart, and started dancing in his parent’s garage. He began fusing choreography he learned from music videos with moves he originally created, and he would even dress up as different music artists to fully replicate the choreography and experience. He eventually ended up coordinating and choreographing for hip hop street, high school, and collegiate dance teams in San Diego and Los Angeles. After 13 successful yet physically enduring years, his knees said to him, “Kevin, I think we need to take a break from dancing.” Kevin, nodding honestly, agreed. He said, “It breaks my heart to see you walk away. Maybe we should take a break.” His legs replied, “It’s not you. It’s knee.”

Boom! He had an epiphany, and made his decision. He would take his talents to becoming a DJ, and instead of being on the dance floor, he would become the one to make people dance. Thus is the birth story of Kevin Cider.

After DJing for over 2 years, Kevin Cider has emerged as a great party rocker, crowd pleaser, and an overall great open format DJ. From Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, and anything in between, he is not afraid to spin an original and exciting set to start the party. His style is refined, and coming from a dancer’s background, he always knows how to get you into the groove. Having been recently featured on Mixcrate.com, the best way to taste Kevin Cider is to check out his free mixtapes or Like him on Facebook for more upcoming parties.


GROOV3 and Underworld Productions. Featured as Mixcrate.com’s mixtape of the week. Avalon, Key Club, Conga Room, Icon, Boogiezone, UCLA Battle Royale, Dim Mak Studios, Wokcano, The Roxbury.