Stereothief, aka Eric De La Torre, is not only a DJ at GROOV3, but it also an award-winning music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. As a producer, Stereothief has made a name for himself by winning 1st prize in Nick Carter's remix contest for his summer single "Love Can't Wait". His other remixes of Top 40 songs, such as 'Moves Like Jagger' and 'Outta Your Mind' have hit over a quarter of a million views on Youtube. He has also released his own original "Pandemonium" EP on No Ego Records.

His DJing ability has made him a finalist and pending Grand Prize Winner in the Las Vegas Spin Off hosted by Marquee Night Club. Stereothief uses his experience as a DJ to bring an energetic blend of hip hop to GROOV3 dancefloors all over Los Angeles.