Mark Anthony Augustine aka DJ Swift can’t live without music. It’s what moves him! He is a lover of different styles and genres of music. So he became a DJ, the end good night! Lol

“Music is that one thing that when it hits you, you feel no pain” - Bob Marley.

When DJ Swift was in high school, in the 90’s, he went to a dance and felt the power of music and fell in love with the way music moved people. From that day on DJing was all he wanted to do. He would practice every moment he got, even skipping school to take lessons from a friend.

This was the beginning of some amazing opportunities for him as a DJ. His first gig was at Q’s in Palo Alto, DJing R&B and Reggae on Wednesday nights. On Sundays, he would DJ and host a radio show at San Jose State University radio station. He was also a personal assistant and road manager for MC Hammer. After a good run in the night clubs and radio, DJ Swift took some time off to focus on himself. Now back at it, he has found Groov3 and also DJ’s with a collective group called BLKSNDPRJCT that does mobile DJ’n and podcast each week.