Dance was where CesBoogie’s major influence in DJing began. Originally from the Bay Area, CesBoogie started out as a hip-hop dancer for Da Image Crew in Mountain View, Ca, in the early 90's. After so many house parties, he met his first DJ. Shortly after, his family moved to Southern Cali, where he then danced for Wild Style from Long Beach. After meeting and becoming close friends with more DJ’s from the house party scene, CesBoogie borrowed their set of turntables with records, locked himself in his bedroom and practiced the art of mixing, scratching, and beat juggling. With his background of dancing he soon discovered he could also lead the people with DJing. In 1996, he bought his first set of Technic 1200 MK2s along with some vinyl records. He soon connected with DJs from Grooveline Productions and later started his own DJ crew, Nod Squad.


CesBoogie has worked with underground hip-hop artists D. Schwartz (opened for Mos Def) and Abover One (opened for Evidence of Dilated Peoples). He is also found DJing private or corporate events, local bars and clubs around So Cal. His most memorable event was Big Boy’s wedding reception of Big Boys Neighborhood on The Real 92.3fm.




Now you can catch him at GROOV3 events up and coming…..