DJ Black Rabbit has been DJing professionally for 10 years. Originally hailing from Philadelphia Pa and now residing in Los Angeles he brings a unique style of blends and mixes that has been shaped by providing music for clubs, lounges, and private events all over the east coast.

Starting from a purely Hip-Hop background, DJ Black Rabbit has evolved into a well rounded DJ that can rock an all funk lounge set, to a soulful House party, and end the night rocking the largest radio hits at the club.

Currently DJ Black Rabbit is taking the fitness world by storm! Infusing his musical knowledge to provide the backdrop to dance classes all over LA. Working with top instructors such as Wil Wilson of LA Dance Fit, Marina Magalhaes of The Soul Lab Dance Project, and of course Ben Allen and the team at Groov3!

You can catch DJ Black Rabbit with his signature smile and 2 turntables all over the city rocking sweaty crowds whether it be at the club or the dance studio!