The daughter of a dancer and a musician, Sarah had no choice but to fall in love with music and movement. Some of Sarah's fondest memories are of dancing at her dad's band practices and spending hours at her mom's dance rehearsals.
Growing up in the small town of Ojai, California, Sarah was always involved in dance in one way or another. Whether it be dance class, performing in the local theater, or cheerleading in high school, dance was always there. Once Sarah got married and had her children she found less time for dance and truly missed it. That's when she found dance fitness. Dance fitness filled the space that was missing in her life. Sarah quickly decided that she wanted to bring the joy that she felt through dance to others and dance fitness was that vessel. Sarah loves that dance fitness is accessible for everyone no matter what their dance experience is. Watching people from all walks of life come together on the dance floor is pure magic!
Sarah loves the community that is GROOV3 and is so honored to be part of it.