GROOV3 instructor training was informative and fun! From start to finish, to follow-up and continued support after training, Ben and the GROOV3 team instantly make you feel a part of the team. As a long time instructor of various certifications, I can say G3 really cares about your continued success. I really bonded with the G3 team and have built amazing friendships from the instructor training. It has been so amazing to support each of the instructors as they launch their classes in Chicago and get the same support in return. I am so happy to be a part of the G3 launch in Chicago and excited to see it grow in our community. #GROOV3lifeforever :)

Lindsey Vaughn - Chicago, IL

I absolutely LOVED my instructor training! I felt challenged, but also so supported the whole time. The facilitators were well-trained on how to help us out, and the other trainees became close friends. You get so much more than just a certificate by doing the training!

Leslie Kleiman - Denver, CO

"Coming from a dance background and being a fitness instructor for several years, I was highly impressed and satisfied with the GROOV3 professional certification. The training day was very informative with lots of practical application and time for questions and one-on-one assistance. There was plenty of ongoing support during the video submission process which helped me feel more confident and set me up for success. Teaching this format is so much fun, and I feel extremely supported by Ben and the team, as well as other instructors nationwide. It's really a community experience and family-like organization with its mission and values at the heart of everything. I can't wait for all the amazing GROOV3 experiences to come!"

- Molly Gaynor Chicago, IL

GROOV3 builds a wonderful and positive community through the shared passion of dance. I absolutely fell in love with GROOV3 when Ben taught a master class in San Francisco 4 years ago and knew right away that I wanted to bring this funky fresh dance workout to Northern California. There was no other class like GROOV3 in the Bay Area , and I knew GROOV3 would appeal to all levels of dancers, even those who had never taken a dance class before. The GROOV3 instructor workshop was admittedly intense, but also fun, informative and extremely supportive. I received all the tools needed to successfully start a GROOV3 dance community in an area new to GROOV3, and continue to receive ongoing support. The founder, Ben, often still checks in to see how classes are going, and if any advice or help is needed. My “sis” Kerry and I have been teaching GROOV3 now for 3 plus years in Nor Cal, have seen the classes and community grow, and have only come to love GROOV3 more with each class. I have been an instructor in a number of fitness and dance formats for 20 plus years (since I was a toddler of course hehe)...GROOV3 has by far been the most supportive, organized, FUN and funky program to teach. #dancesweatlive for life!

- Susan Snyder-Ando, San Jose, CA

I attended the GROOV3 Instructor Workshop in 2015. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone interested in becoming a certified GROOV3 instructor! In addition to the workshops on learning the warmup and cool down as well as breaking down choreo, I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the "intangible" aspects of becoming a successful GROOV3 instructor such as how to develop musicality, how to improve student connection and tips for effective marketing. I left the workshop with valuable information and knowledge that have helped me grow as an instructor. The learning did not stop after the workshop. The trainers have kept in touch with me to this day, occasionally following up to see how classes are going and if there is anything they can assist with. What an absolutely positive experience for me!

Max Libao - West Covina, CA

GROOV3 - fell in love with it on my first 8-count! This class will literally make you feel like Beyoncés fiercest backup dancer. Heck, sometimes even like Beyoncé herself! Whether you’re a professional dancer or just learning to tap one foot in front of the other, you can do it, you will have a blast and you will work up a sweat! Also, you will instantly become part of the CR3W and make new friends. I knew right away I had to become an Instructor and help share the LOV3! And going through the training I learned more than I ever imagined. It help me grow as an Instructor, dancer AND as a person. Ben and his team are a true inspiration!

Natalie Brown - Long Beach, CA

Being a student was always an uplifting experience but becoming a certified instructor only helps me further the mission of the GROOV3ment. Despite all the awesome class pictures and videos, there is the community service side, DANCE SWEAT GIVE, that deepens my connection with the brand. GROOV3 is so genuine and organic! It's that spirit that transcends "just dancing" that gives me life. It's THAT spirit that keeps me going "ONE MORE TIME!" So glad that I joined the GROOV3ment!

Mychele Sims - Los Angeles, CA

Excited, prepared, supported, and inspired are 4 words that describe how I felt coming out of the workshop. Excited to share this phenomenal dance program with my students because I know everyone will be successful whether they are a new dancer or someone with a dance background. I felt prepared after the workshop with all of the information that I learned and tools that I walked away with. The incredible support from Ben and his D.O.P.E. team were always there to help during and after the workshop and that helps to build confidence. Lastly, as I completed the workshop I was inspired to share this fantastic program with the dance community and to help make a difference in peoples lives!

Kerry Ferrari - San Jose, CA