NOTE:  Stay tuned for more updates here and on our social media.  #GivingTuesday (a global day of giving) is November 28, 2023 -- we will be doing a fundraising activity in Los Angeles and you can give from anywhere to support our ongoing efforts.  Hit the "Donate" button below.  THANK YOU for your YEARS of support!!


As part of our mission and the reason behind starting our non-profit, The Passion for Dance Project, we believe that dance should be accessible to all. For a number of years, we have been partnering with local Boys & Girls Clubs, hosting free and low-cost monthly and weekly GROOV3 classes with their young members. We've also been able to collaborate with organizations like the Firework Foundation (founded by Katy Perry) via this aligned work. We have seen connection, growth, and, most of all, a love for dance shine in the participating youth:


The benefits of dance and movement go far beyond the dance floor.  We’re grateful for your support in continuing to sustain our program year-round, even through the pandemic (classes via Zoom).

Consider making The Passion for Dance Project a part of your year-end giving:

>> $50 funds a single one-hour group class. 

>> $25 funds a 30-minute group class. 

** Any amount is whole-heartedly appreciated. **

Monetary donations go directly to our non-profit, The Passion for Dance Project, a 501(c)3, to help us affect more Boys & Girls Clubs and beyond.

Make your tax-deductible contribution here:

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