Born and raised in Idaho, I took modern and jazz dance classes when I was very young however I didn’t really get into dancing until I was in high school when I was a cheerleader from 9th-12th grade. More than the sportsmanship, I really enjoyed mixing the music and creating choreography for many of our routines.

From that point on, I knew that dance was a passion of mine and I have taken many different types of dance classes over the years such as Ballet, Belly dancing, Salsa, old school Hip-Hop. In 2010, I moved to Oregon and began taking Zumba classes. I had an amazing teacher that always made me feel inspired. That's when I realized that dance allowed me to lose and find myself at the same time. It was my escape during tough times. From that point on I knew that I wanted to be able to provide that same escape for others for I became a dance fitness instructor. From there I taught Zumba, Club Dance, U-Jam, WERK and now in 2019 teaching GROOV3!

There is just something so amazing on how music can bring people from all different walks of life together. Also the atmosphere that dance radiates not only is apparent on the dance floor but I’ve found it also becomes a lifestyle, a support system, and something that I could not be happier to be a part of. Even more so, I love being able to share this bliss with others and so they can walk out of the room feeling healthier and happier.