Lacy Olivera was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. At the age of 4 she was bouncing around doing cartwheels and handstands wherever she could. She became a competitive gymnast and traveled all over the United States for over ten years. After quitting gymnastics there seemed to be something missing in her life, so she tried out for the dance team at her local high school. From there another passion grew and she started taking jazz, ballet and hip hop classes. She performed with her dance studio and competed at many competitions with her school dance team. After college and working full time, she became a mom of two little girls.

Lacy's passion for dance came back after her children were born and has never stopped since. She has performed locally with the Rhythm Street Crew and currently takes hip hop classes every week. She enjoys the escape that dance brings and how all the problems of the day just seem to melt away. Lacy describes dance as a therapy and has seen how it can impact so many people.

After taking a GROOV3 class at her local studio, she was immediately in love. The concept of making dance accessible to all and the community that it builds is something that she knew she wanted to be apart of. She is excited to share her love of dance and to keep spreading the GROOV3 movement.