Originally from Tennessee, Kat began her dance training in Memphis. She cultivated her jookin' and stepping skills in high school as a member of the local sorority, Lady Diamonds. For much of her life, Kat was a dance enthusiast competing in talent shows, accepting challenges in nightclubs, and battling in the streets. She served over 15 years traveling to different countries leading the troops in dance cardio inspired physical fitness. Today Kat teaches over three group exercise formats in Silicon Valley. She studies a multitude of different disciplines via workshops and local dance studios. Kat loves the adrenaline rush of Contemporary Hip-Hop, Salsa, and Israeli Folk, but feels most fierce in the Beyoncé flash mob.

Kat strives to make an impact on the World through the beauty of the arts. As a freelance fashion designer, she designs theatrical apparel for the whimsical at heart under the label, Kindred Dreamheart. As a visual artist, she highlights the aesthetics of her environment through photography, paintings, and sketches. As an online influencer, she cultivates the recorded imagination of literature. Kat vocalizes her inner emotions through spoken word poetry. She was drawn to GROOV3 because of the fitness aspects, the appeal of dance, and its' inclusive feel of a community. As a group fitness instructor, Kat aims to improve the emotional well being and physical health of her students through the art of bodies in motion synchronized to the beat.


McCully Barracks (Wackernheim, Rhein-Main | Germany)
Ready Idol (Baghdad, Iraq)
3BDE, 1AD Showcase (Baghdad, Iraq)
USAR FRG (Birmingham, AL)
USAWOCC Cadre (Fort Rucker, AL)
USO (Dublin, CA)
USO (Seoul City, South Korea)
Brit + Co, Re:Make Summit (San Fransisco, CA)