As a small child, you could see Heather loved to dance- whether she was bopping in her baby car seat, or begging her mom to let her enter a Michael Jackson dance contest in her rural Iowa hometown at the age of 3.  At that age, Heather then started taking dance lessons, and as she continued, fell in love with Jazz, Tap, and Ballet...along with performing in recitals and competing at dance competitions.  Growing up attending multiple dance camps and taking from top choreographers, Heather's love of funk and hip hop blossomed and she truly found her passion.  In addition to studio dance, Heather became the captain of her school's dance team, choreographing competition numbers with her fellow squad members, and placing in various competitions and performing during televised state basketball games. 

Always in the arts and a creative spirit, Heather then moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school to pursue her other love, fashion design.  Heather attended Otis College of Art & Design, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and landed her first job designing for Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister in Columbus, Ohio.  
After 6 years there, she then moved back to Los Angeles to design for PacSun.  It was then that she took her first GROOV3 class from Benjamin at the Sweat Spot.  She had never felt SO happy and was elated to have found a perfect fit for her.  The energy, the people, the movement- it was exactly what she was looking for in a dance class.  Heather became a regular, taking part in performing at the Grand Opening of the Beat Box LA, along with performing at the Beat Box LA Dance Showcase.  Realizing GROOV3 is more than a dance class, it's a community- Heather decided to pursue spreading the joy of dancing and how special GROOV3 is to everyone!!!! Now she's shakin' her booty NON STOP! WERRRRRRK!