Areilly is a SoCal native and proud of it! She grew up in San Diego only a few freeway exits away from the US/Mexican border. Her mother enrolled her in dance class in 7th grade and Areilly quit within the hour. Moms know best; Areilly re-enrolled the next year and hasn't been able to stop dancing ever since. She's the type of girl who tap dances and jete's down the empty aisles of a grocery store, memorizes the dances from music videos and sings in the car while using her hands to motion counts and steps to the dance that she's choreographing in her head. Areilly continued dancing while studying at a high school for the creative and performing arts then continued her education at UC Riverside where she majored in Sociology and minored in Dance. Areilly currently lives in Los Angeles, is fluent in Spanish, works for a small market research firm where her coworkers accept her as the girl who sings songs in the office while listening to music through her head phones and has been caught dancing in the office kitchen from time to time. Areilly's life motto is "bailando todo se arregla" (she heard it in a Ricky Martin song but adopted it as her own), in English it means, dance fixes everything. She cant wait to meet you and see you GROOV3 with her in class! PS. she sings along to the music in class too :) Bailamos?!