Susan Snyder-Ando was raised in Okinawa, Hawaii and Kansas.  She started taking ballet and jazz classes at the age of 5 and knew even at a young age that dance would be her life-long passion.  Susan danced nearly every day growing up and performed in a number of musicals and dance shows.

Susan obtained her Bachelors degree in the Midwest, then traveled and taught English near Tokyo, Japan for a few years.  She eventually moved to the Bay Area, where she obtained her Masters in Teaching.  Susan didn’t stop dancing, however, and carried her love of dance into the fitness world.  Susan has been in the fitness field for over 15 years and currently teaches hip hop fitness classes, pilates reformer, and body conditioning classes in San Jose, CA. 

Susan discovered GROOV3 when she stumbled upon Ben Allen’s Living Room sessions on YouTube.  She fell in love with Groov3’s funky, yet easy to follow choreography, as well as Ben Allen’s encouraging, sweet and hilarious teaching personality—and the fact that dancers of all levels can GROOV3!  After taking Ben Allen’s GROOV3 classes in San Francisco and San Jose, Susan was hooked!  GROOV3 already has many fans in the Bay Area and it is Susan’s dream come true to start the GROOV3MENT in the Bay Area!