As a little kid Michelle Q grew up watching Solid Gold and loved Disco, then she fell in love with Hip-Hop and dreamed of dancing on In Living Color. She wanted to be a Fly-girl or Laker-girl one day, but instead went on a journey to become a B-girl. She made her first dance mixes in high school using 2 tape-decks and a metronome. When she started collecting records she taught herself to DJ. After DJ'ing for Emcee's she started writing songs with them, and was shown how self expression can transcend from the dance floor, to the turntables, to the microphone.

She gives appreciation and respect to every element of Hip-Hop, the culture, its teachers, and its ability to unite and break boundaries. She searches for music that’s soulful, funky, hype, hard-hitting, bass-driven, thought-provoking or melodic. Her goal is to bridge people together with music, and most of all inspire them to dance. When she found GROOV3, she found the perfect way to make that happen.


- Member of the Music & Strength Crew Los Angeles
- Member of Awthentik Vibes and Anything Fresh DJ Crews
- DJ for Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets at the 5th Annual Divine Feline Benefit Concert, Los Angeles
- 2014 Best DJ Nominee by Urban Underground LA
- 1st DJ Instructor for Guitar Centers New York
- Group Fitness Instructor at the Spotify Corporate Headquarters New York
- Fitness Instructor at Pratt Institute Brooklyn
- Virtual Fitness Instructor for WorkWell NYC
- Volunteer Fitness Instructor at Ronald McDonald House New York