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GROOV3 | Arthur Crenshaw
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Arthur Crenshaw

Arthur Crenshaw is a truly skilled individual, born and raised in Los Angeles California. Following his dream to become a dance star, Arthur Crenshaw managed to find his way into the dance Industry right after high school. Joining dance crews, performing, taking dance classes and working with other formal dancers, he gained the strength & knowledge to become a excellent trained dancer/choreographer he is today.

Top 10 Playlist

  1. Young Leek - Jiggle It
  2. Snoop Dogg - Candy
  3. Problem - I'm Toe Up
  4. TI - Ball
  5. E-40 - Go Hard
  6. Bow Wow - Big Girls
  7. Mary J Blige - Just Fine
  8. Mario - Boom
  9. Chingy - Sneakpeek
  10. Ying Yang Twins - Drop