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GROOV3 | Benjamin Allen
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Dancer, celebrity choreographer and founder of GROOV3™, “the feel-good, dance-party workout” that Elle Magazine has called, “L.A. coolest all-levels dance class,” Benjamin Allen has dance in his bones.  While growing up in Tucson, AZ, he was the type of kid who learned all the social dances at a young age for the bar/bat mitzvah scene and, later, shined at all the high school dances. 7 proms to be exact.  If there was a dance floor and a DJ, he was there.  At college, while earning a B.S. degree in Business and Communications at Arizona State University, he discovered a cardio-dance class designed for all levels, and his passion for dance was ignited.

So, with a great deal of passion in his heart, and a lot less professional experience, he decided to move to Los Angeles to make his name in show business.  With an “I won’t know unless I try” attitude, he sharpened his skills while exploring many different facets of the entertainment industry, from improv to hosting.  It wasn’t long before he was appearing in live stage shows and working in film and television, earning credits on the Kids’ Choice, People’s Choice and American Music Awards and on Scrubs and national commercials for Xbox, Subway, Cingular Wireless and Miller Lite.  As he gained recognition as a dancer and performer, he began choreographing routines for such major players as and Drew Barrymore.

Seven years ago, he began teaching dance on the side. He was first hired at Gold’s Gym Hollywood, where he founded a Non-Stop Funk class, which led to his being offered a faculty position at the prestigious Edge Performing Arts Center.  He quickly built a loyal following of students, and it became clear that he had a gift for motivating and inspiring people.

Caught between career paths on the eve of his 30th birthday, Allen decided to branch out and start his own movement, now known as the GROOV3MENT.  Loosely based on the idea that dance should be accessible to everyone and that it should just be for fun, he launched his first cardio dance class called DanceBreakLA.  After he came up with the idea of hiring a live DJ for his classes, it wasn’t long before GROOV3 was born.  The testimonials began to pour in, and Allen knew without a doubt that he was right where he needed to be.

Now with 10 GROOV3 classes in nine locations across L.A. County, an ever-increasing fan base, and a commitment to doing good works throughout the community, Allen and GROOV3 are changing the world through dance one step at a time.

“Dance, Sweat, Live!  That’s what we do,” Allen said. “We’re building a community of people who for can come together for an hour, and let go of their stresses and worries through the euphoria of music and dance.”



“RENT” the movie, Eclipse the musical, TV Land, American Music and People’s Choice Awards, national commercials with Miller Lite, Cingular Wireless, Xbox and Subway. T.V. SHOWS: Scrubs, AOL’s Gold Rush, NBC’s The Sing Off and VH1’s “I Know My Kids a Star.”

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